Charlene Walker

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Artist Biography

Emerging artist, Charlene Walker, is a Sydney based artist, studied fine arts at St. George Tafe and received a BA in Visual Arts from the College of Fine Arts (COFA) Sydney.

Focusing on painting and watercolours, Walker also works in other media, including B+W photography, printmaking, drawing, animation and contemporary jewellery/wearable sculpture.

Working from her home studio in Marrickville, Sydney, Walker draws on inspiration from the Australian landscape and is influenced by the impressionists and the formal language of modernism and colour theory. The work is imbued with a sense of reflection and an intimacy with the landscape.

Walker is also a successful graphic designer and illustrator.

Artist Statement

Inspired by the multi-faceted Australian landscape, my work focuses primarily on the landscape to express an intimacy of place and memory.

My work has been progressively more abstract, representing a physical space, its geography as structures, colours and light, rather than the landscape as a depiction of a scene or panorama.

For me, the landscape is a powerful force. Using semi-abstract form and colour, I am continually developing, exploring and digging deep to discover core visual concepts to depict the Australian landscape. My work is created with a strong focus on the process of semi abstraction and colour palette.

I am also passionate about creating contemporary watercolour and experimenting with watercolour markers, watercolour pencil and pigment ink.

My practice range from small to large scale works and is constantly evolving, inspired by different landscapes I interact with and observe.

At present, my studio practice is primarily concerned with the landscape of the Cooks River area in Marrickville. The Cooks Rivers stretches through an urban part of Sydney but has large stretches of bush, wildlife and even National Park.

I have also worked on the landscapes coastline of the South Coast and cityscapes of the inner-city of Sydney.